Case Studies

Our Products in Use


St. John’s University

Dr. Vivek Gupta is utilizing Neofluidics’ technology for 2D and 3D cell culture as well as to develop and optimize innovative approaches for novel drug delivery systems that will circumvent traditional problems associated with scale-up and in-vivo performance.

Drake University

Dr. Nihal Mulla, at Drake University is using Neofluidics’ technology for 2D and 3D cell culture as well as for the preparation of emulsion-based drug delivery systems. These formulations will be ready-to-use drug delivery systems with defined parameters such as consistent shape, size, dispersity, charge, encapsulation efficiency and stability.

Rutgers University

Dr. Michniak-Kohn’s lab at Center for Dermal Research, Rutgers University is using our NeoPS™ devices for drug precipitation studies to address significant challenges in the field of dermatopharmaceutical sciences.

UCSD Klemke lab

Dr. Klemke’s lab uses our zebrafish culture devices for growing and imaging zebrafish embryos in an efficient manner.  Our devices make it easy to visualize how metastatic tumor cells and immune cells move through blood vessels, tissues, and various organs of the body.

The College at Brockport, Suny, NY - Adam Rich Lab

Dr. Adam Rich uses the NeoMO™ devices to develop novel zebrafish based models to investigate new treatments for gastrointestinal motility disorders.

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (Boston)

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research uses the Neofluidics NeoMO™ device for zebrafish screening studies.